Merchant Cash Advance

Fast Easy Access to Capital

Here at EGS we are dedicated to the success of each of our clients. It’s simple, your success is our success. Therefore, we make sure we provide your business with the resources it needs to come up on top.

A Merchant cash advance gives a business access to capital fast to meet their business needs based on future credit card receivables. The way this business cash advance works is it gives a business access to funds in a fast and simple way in return for a portion of the business’s future revenue receivables at a discounted price. To be approved for an MCA, certain criteria must be met. An important criteria, among others, is that the business must accept credit card payments or have other receivables.

Our merchant cash advance amount starts at $5000 and ranges up to $500,000 . This business advance is ideal for businesses who needs fast access to capital funds with a simple and easier application process. The merchant cash advance also provides a business with flexbility as the advance has variable payments based on business receivables. If your business has high credit card sales, or has lots of receivables, or is seasonal, then a merchant cash advance might be ideal for the business.


Benefits of Merchant Cash Advance

Advance Amount
Advance amounts starting at $5,000
Estimated Completion Date
Payments are based on the business’ receivables so there is no fixed payment term
Payment Frequency
Variable automatic payments based on the business receivables
Flexible Payments
Automatic payments calculated based on a percentage of the business credit card sales or other receivables
Key Benefits
An advance is great for businesses that have high credit card sales or receivables or are seasonal
Cost and Fees
The receivables are purchased at a discounted price and fees may be charged and deducted from the advance amount